2020 MTG Arena Open

2020 Hunter Burton Memorial Arena Open

While we’re not thrilled to have to move our main feature of the year to August, and we know many of you have reserved the weekend of March 28th-29th for the HBMO,  we found a solution.

On March 28th and 29th, HBMO will hold a Standard tournament hosted on Magic the Gathering Arena. 

We’re starting with a prize guarantee of $1000 and a cap of 50 players, and will scale up over the next couple weeks as we iron out details. We don’t want to run a giant tournament and have things breakdown, so for now we’re starting with a conservative cap.

Here are the tournament details:

Magic Arena Standard

Maximum 50 players, as of 3/13/2020
Day 1 10:00 AM Central Time, 3/28/2020
Day 2 / Top 8 10:00 AM Central Time, 3/29/2020
Entry: $40
Prizes: $1000 guaranteed prizes to top 8.
Additional prize guarantees will be added as sign-ups and the event cap grows.
Platform: mtgmelee.com, Magic Arena and Discord. Accounts on each will be required, instructions coming soon.

Tournament structure: Swiss rounds with a cut to top 8. Number of rounds will depend on the number of players and be announced before the tournament begins.

All players will be required to submit a decklist via mtgmelee.com prior to the event.

All registration is through our pre-reg website here:


Streaming will be available, HERE!

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