HBMO Trials and Byes Fact Sheet

Starting in 2023, the Hunter Burton Memorial Open will offer the opportunity for players to earn byes in the main event. Players can earn byes via the following methods.

Players who earn one bye will be awarded a first round win in the HBM main event.
Players who win more than one bye will be awarded a first round and second round win in the HBM main event.
Players will not be awarded more than two wins, even if they win more than two byes.

On-site Trials

Starting at Noon on Friday, players can register for on-site trials for byes. Players will be seeded into single-elimination brackets in the format of their choice on a first-come-first-serve basis. The player winning the bracket will be awarded one bye.

Players may play in as many on-site trials as they wish.

All on-site trials will be run at Competitive REL and require decklists.

Entry fees for on-site trials will be $20 for constructed and $30 for draft.
Additional prizes for on-site trials will be 10 prize tokens per win.

Ian Jasheway Sealed

The Ian Jasheway Memorial Sealed RCQ will award one bye to each of its top 4 finishers. More details on that event are available on its event information page.

In-store Trials

Any Magic store can apply to run a HBM trial. More details are available on the WPN trial event information page.

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