Ian Jasheway Memorial Sealed

Ian Jasheway was Hunter’s best friend. He wrote an article on this website 5 years ago about their friendship and struggles. Losing Ian was incredibly difficult for our community, and we have worked for the past two years to find a good way to honor him. We’re finally ready to reveal a marquee event in his name that we’re confident he, Hunter, and their closest friends would be very excited about.

Friday at HBM, we will host our first truly premium event. It will be a high-roller showcase of limited play, both Ian and Hunter’s favorite way to play Magic.

Event Details

Ian Jasheway Memorial Sealed RCQ
11 am, Friday March 17th.
$250 Entry.
$2000 Cash Prizes Guaranteed. $5000 Cash Prizes at the 32-player cap.
1-Slot RCQ. The winner receives a qualification to the Regional Championship at DreamHack Dallas.
As the event begins at 11 am, Registered players will receive early access to the HBM venue to build their decks.
Round 1 will begin at Noon.
The top 4 finishers in this event receive a one-round bye in the 2023 HBM Main event.
The winner also receives a 2023 custom commemorative HBMO die.

Format: Sealed Deck
All sealed decks will be pre-registered so players will be able to show up and immediately build.
All players will receive a playmat, sleeves, deck box, life pad and pen.
Matches will be played in a special section of the event floor to allow for maximum space for players and judges. Spectators may be limited.
Swiss rounds + Top 8 cut with a Top 8 draft.
If the event runs late, the top 4 or finals matches may be postponed until Saturday morning.

Example Payouts
with 32 players
1st: $1500
2nd: $1000
3rd-4th: $500
5th-8th: $250

with 16 players
1st: $1000
2nd: $750
3rd-4th: $500


As this is a very high stakes event, judges will be specially selected for the event.

The head judge of the event will be Level 3, and Grand Prix Head Judge John Brian McCarthy.

John Brian is a HBM and large event veteran, and will lead a top-tier team to ensure the highest event integrity.

About Ian

Ian Jasheway learned to play Magic: The Gathering when he was 8 years old. He played for over 20 years and qualified for the Pro Tour 5 times. He was only 16 when he was awarded his first trip to Berlin to play in his first PT. He attended this tournament with Hunter Burton, one of his best friends, and his mother. Ian and Hunter went on to play Magic together for about 12 years. Ian was team captain of several Magic teams over the years. He helped many people learn to play Magic or improve their play.

Ian was very intelligent and believed strongly in education. After high school, Ian attended TCC for about 1 year. He did well and received a small scholarship to attend UTD. He earned a degree in Neuroscience at the University of Texas at Dallas. Ian greatly enjoyed his time at UTD and looked forward to work each day in Dr. Gnade’s material science Lab. Dr. Gnade was an excellent mentor to Ian and his education. Ian went on to earn advanced accreditation in intraoperative evoked potential technology. Ian studied Brain Sciences because he himself struggled with mental health issues. He was a strong believer that counseling should be used in addition to medications. He took pride in and greatly enjoyed his work as a neurological surgical monitor. He loved his family and friends and was always taking care of other people. He valued honesty in himself and others, and he had a great sense of humor. He would be proud to know that there is a scholarship in his name to help train others in mental health care. Thank you to the Magic community and The HBMO for helping make The Ian Vance Jasheway Memorial Scholarship permanent. Every year a UTD student will receive a $1000.00 in Neuroscience.

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