Why the Watch?! – The History of the Champion’s Watch


Each year the Hunter Burton Memorial Open awards the main event winner with a luxury wrist watch valued around $1,000. In previous years this was but a footnote to the big money cash prizes also being awarded. This being our fifth anniversary and being that the watch is one of the most sentimental aspects of our event, we decided to make sure it was a highlighted point for the 2018 tournament.

“Every year I get asked why would someone give out a watch at a Magic tournament… Just give out more cash. Every year I explain that without the watch, there is no event.”
– Erin Giddings (HBMO Event Coordinator)

To understand the history of the watch would mean we have to go back to well before there was a Hunter Burton Memorial Open. In fact, we would need to go back to looking at Hunter and his sister Casey several years before Hunter’s tragic passing. There is no better way to do that then a quick video from Dona Burton (Hunter’s mother) as to where the importance of the watch started:


Now before we talk about the 2018 watch, let’s take a look back at the previous HBMO tournaments and the watches of the champions!

2014 – Year 1
In 2014, the Hunter Burton Memorial Open was born and with it the first luxury wrist watch to be given away to the top competitor of the day. Hand picked by Hunter’s sister Casey, the year one watch was a true swiss masterpiece. This legendary Tissot watch was valued over $2000 and embodied excellence!
Year 1 Watch

2015 – Year 2
In 2015, the Burton family out did themselves by once again choosing an elegant and stylish watch to award the champion. In this case the watch was one of Hunter’s preferred brands, Movado. This second year watch was something to treasure! While it didn’t stand out as excessive, this watch absolutely made a statement.
Year 2 Watch

2016 – Year 3 / 2017 – Year 4
In 2016, the trend continued with a Movado, offering a sleek black Movado Bold series watch to that year’s champion. In fact, the Bold design was so popular that it would be the watch of choice for two years straight. Our 2017 event bolstered a Black Movado Bold series with blue accents.
2016: Year 3 Watch
2017: Year 4 Watch


2018 – Year 5
The 2018 watch is a truly special watch. This year’s watch was chosen by the Burton family and members of the HBMO staff to celebrate the event’s fifth anniversary. Sticking with one of Hunter’s favorite brands, the 2018 watch is one of Movado’s finest. It has a unique elegant design that differs from your typical luxury wrist watch. In addition, the 2018 fifth anniversary watch is valued at nearly $2,500! This is a watch the winner can be proud to flaunt!


drumroll please…………………….

The 2018 Hunter Burton Memorial Open 1st Place Champion’s Watch:
Year 5 watch

(Movado Red Label, Alligator Leather w/ Black Dial)

“We are so excited about the fifth anniversary event and this watch embodies the style of luxury we try to bring forward at the Hunter Burton Memorial Open. This would have been a watch Hunter was proud to wear!” – Dona Burton (Hunter’s mother)

Join us on February 25th, 2018 at the Hurst Conference Center in Hurst, Texas for our fifth anniversary Hunter Burton Memorial Open! Check out the ‘Event Details’ page for more information or you an pre-register by clicking the link below.


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