SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT SERIES: Madness Games & Comics Plano

2018 SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT SERIES: Madness Comics & Games Plano

All of us on the HBMO staff are pleased to announced our sponsor spotlight series. Each week we will bring light to one or more of the incredible sponsors that helps make our event so successful. These companies have graciously donated money, products, time, and advertising to our event and to the cause of spreading awareness for suicide prevention.

This week we highlight Madness Comics & Games in Plano, Texas.

Madness Plano

Madness is not only one of the largest pop-culture and gaming stores in the area, but rather one of the largest in the United States. For years Madness has been a mainstay of Dallas area gaming and in its current location can hold 300+ card payers for a single event. If there is a gaming component you need, this more than 20,000 square foot store is sure to have what you need.

For our 2018 Hunter Burton Memorial Open, the owners of Madness have generously dedicated nearly an entire weekend to helping out. They will be flying in Magic the Gathering pro player Gerry Thompson to their store where any player can donate money to the HBMO and in return either play at game of Magic against Gerry himself or sit down and do a deck tech session where Gerry will discuss the ins-and-outs of the deck you may be playing at the event. Finally, Gerry himself will be participating in the Hunter Burton Memorial Open as a competitor in the Modern Main Event!

If you are interested in participating in any of the special events happening at Madness in Plano, here is a brief rundown of the Gerry T. schedule:

Gerry Thompson, Pro Tour Amonkhet Champion, Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan Finalist, and number six ranked player in the
world, will be joining Madness Games and Comics on February 23rd and 24th to help raise funds for Hunter Burton Memorial Inc., a non-profit dedicated to spreading awareness for suicide prevention.

Gerry Thompson Challenge
Friday February 23 rd 5PM-11PM
Want to face off with one of the premier players in the world and see how you do? Gerry will be taking on challengers Friday evening!
Participants who donate will be able to challenge Gerry in their format of choice including Standard, Modern, or Legacy.
Participants who donate at level two will also receive a special thank you gift!
Level 1 – $5.00 cash donation
Challenge Gerry to a game of Standard, Modern, or Legacy!
Level 2 – $10.00 cash donation
Challenge Gerry to TWO games of Standard, Modern, or Legacy and receive a special thank you gift!

GerryT Deck Tech
Saturday February 24 th 2PM – 8PM
Here’s your chance to sit down with Gerry and discuss strategies, tourney practices or Pro Tour experiences. Gerry will be on-hand to help participants get their deck ready for the Hunter Burton Memorial Open. Get input from one of the world’s best on sideboarding, card choices, lines of play, and any other questions you may have!
15 Minute Deck Tech – $20 cash donation
Deck techs will be SCHEDULED by time slot, and scheduling will be done on a first-come first-serve basis starting at the Challenge Gerry event on Friday, February 23rd . Your donation secures your spot, and you may donate multiple times to secure a longer deck tech.

All donations must be made in cash.  100% of all donations will go to the Hunter Burton Memorial Inc.  Madness Games & Comics is passionately committed to supporting Hunter Burton Memorial Fund. We welcome Gerry in helping us raise awareness and participation.

The Hunter Burton Memorial staff would like to thank Madness in Plano for their continued contribution to our annual event and assisting in spreading awareness for the prevention of suicide. We encourage you to stop by their store and show support yet another amazing sponsor of the Hunter Burton Memorial Open.

Madness Comics & Games
3000 Custer Road
Suite 310
Plano, TX 75075

(972) 943-8135


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