2019 Sponsor Spotlight Series: Alter Reality Games

Every year we highlight and honor our top sponsors and contributors with our Sponsor Spotlight Series. These articles give you a deeper look at the amazing people and companies that make the annual Hunter Burton Memorial Open happen! Please take time to check out their website and their work to thank them for helping spread awareness about suicide in the gaming community!

Today’s spotlight is ALTER REALITY GAMES based in Cleveland, Ohio!


Jim McMahan wanted to have something to do in retirement so Alter Reality Games (ARG) opened April 15, 2001 and started as a hobby, toy memorabilia store in Cleveland, Ohio. Sports memorabilia in Cleveland however just wasn’t doing well, so the company began to sell Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z and Magic the Gathering. Soon following in 2002 the YuGiOh trading card game arrived onto the scene in the United States and that is when most people around the world got to know ARG. After nearly 10 years, in 2013 ARG did the unthinkable! Listening to so many players ask why YuGiOh didn’t offer larger cash tournaments like companies do for other games like Magic, they launched the ARG Circuit Series.

“Today, I like to describe the Circuit Series as how ARG specializes in all games smaller than Magic, but the secret weapon that makes our company so strong is that we are a major player in the MTG vending community. For the past 13 years my partner Brad has been able to run the card side of business and I am able to focus on the Circuit Series.”
– Jim McMahan (President & Founder of Alter Reality Games)

Fast approaching his company’s 20th anniversary, Jim has expanded and adapted once again! In 2018 the company started ARG Customs. It focuses on custom cloth and rubber playmats as well as store and team Jerseys.

“Being able to print our own playmats is a huge cost saver and allows us to be more versatile in things like promotional items and advertising.” – Jim McMahan

On top of launching a new side of the company, in 2018 ARG helped launch the Dragon Ball Super Card Game alongside Bandai in the United States. Adding it to Circuit Series events was just the tip of the spear as throughout the year ARG ran all large-scale organized play for the game including massive regional level events with upwards of 500 players!

“We had a lot of success on the tournament scene as Bandai might just have their most popular US TCG in their history. What might be the most exciting thing yet is the future. We plan on making Dragon Ball Super stronger, growing ARG Customs as well as taking the Circuit Series to new levels.” – Jim McMahan

Are you ready for the shocker? ARG hasn’t stopped at there! It was hinted and later announced in late 2018 that Alter Reality Games would be launching their own trading card game, Argent Saga. A trading card game that is  being hailed as a game by gamers, for gamers.

“Argent Saga is created by gamers we have met over the years. The management team for the game was hand selected by me. We also plan on showcasing players that play trading card games in the Argent Saga TCG and the lore we will introduce.”
– Jim McMahan

The Hunter Burton Memorial Open is proud to have Jim and Brad from Alter Reality Games as part of this year’s event on March 16th & 17th at the Hurst Conference Center in Hurst, Texas. As an amazing contribution, ARG Customs has donated the VIP Playmat for this year’s event.

(Playmat design by Brian Valdez)

“Suicide has not personally touched me, but I have seen how suicide has affected those who loved ones have committed suicide. I love when our communities come together and gamers give back.  I feel like ARG is in a position to do our small part and hopefully help bring awareness to prevent suicide.  We need to learn the warning signs and effective interventions to help.” – Jim McMahan

“I am so thrilled to have ARG on board for this year’s event. Jim and I have had the pleasure of working together over a number of years now and to have he and Brad be a part of something so special to me is just an amazing feeling. I can’t thank them enough for the charity work they do and for making such a big impact on our 2019 HBMO!”
– Erin Giddings (Director of Operations for HBMI)

Make sure you check out www.AlterealityGames.com for all of your CCG/TCG needs!

Jim Brad ARG

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