The Loss Of A Legend… Jeff “Zanman” Zandi

It is with great sadness and the heaviest of hearts that we announce the passing of Jeff Zandi. A founder of the Hunter Burton Memorial Open, a pillar of the Magic the Gathering community, and one of the kindest human beings someone could ever meet.

Six years ago he along with the Burton family started this charity foundation and the now annual Hunter Burton Memorial Open to celebrate the life of his good friend and their son Hunter. On a mission to keep Hunter’s spirit alive and prevent other families from going through the same tragedy, Jeff developed an event that Hunter would be proud of and the Magic community would learn from. Without Jeff Zandi there would be no HBMO.

This year at the 2019 Hunter Burton Memorial Open we will have an event on Sunday, March 17th dedicated to Jeff that embodies his love of Magic and the immense amount friends he’s made along the way. Details of the special event and our full event schedule will be delayed a few days. As you can imagine right now we would like some time to process and mourn the loss of our friend, a member of our family.

“I’ve spent this morning remembering great times with Zanman. The day trip to Houston for a Rangers game. The first time we judged together. Countless (134 … he counted) Guildmage meetings. Building the Hunter Burton Memorial to be what it is. I’ll remember Jeff forever and my heart goes out to his family and friends. I wouldn’t be the same without him.”
– Joeseph Klopchic, HBMO Team

Jeff 2

“Jeff Zandi was someone I respected more than words can do justice. At the end of the day, Jeff made this event what it is. This team is a family. This cause brought us together, and this event helped channel our passion. To say I’ll miss Jeff is an understatement. I promise to always make sure the HBMO represents something Jeff would appreciate and always make sure his spirit is represented at the core of this event. It was an honor to know you Jeff. My thoughts and love go to Willa and Lawson today.”
– Erin Giddings, HBMO Team

Jeff Zandi in 2016 HBMO shirt

“I will miss Zanman – one of the most awesome, kind, unique, giant-hearted humans on this planet. I will miss our meetings at Joe T’s to discuss the HBMO and many other things in life. Most importantly, I want to thank Jeff for welcoming my son Hunter into his home as if he was a member of his family. Hunt loved Zanman so so much. Thank you Zanman!”
– Dona Burton, HBMO Founder

Jeff Zandi 1

Jeff Zandi has no peer and no equal. His devotions to God, to his family, and to Magic are unmatched. He has positively impacted an overwhelming number of lives in his short time on this planet and his always positive energy will be greatly missed.

Zanman left us last night on February 15th after suffering a heart attack. His wife Willa and son Lawson appreciate your thoughts and your prayers during this time.

Jeff 5

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