Full Event Schedule Announcement

By Joe Klopchic

Howdy folks! You might recognize my name from last year’s Hunter Burton Memorial Open. I had the privilege to Head Judge the event last year, and it was an amazing experience. This year I’ve worked with the HBMO team to come up with a new slate of events to cover the two days that the event now features. I get to premiere some more specific event details to you here today, and we have quite a lot to go over. Let’s dive in.

First, we have the Main Event. Just like in 2018, we’re battling Modern this year for $10,000 in cash prizes. Unlike in 2018, the event extends over both days of the show. Players joining the event will all be eligible to play in 8 rounds of Swiss on Saturday, and everyone who finishes with at least 18 match points (that’s 6 wins) will advance to play on Sunday. We want at least 64 players coming back for day 2, so if less than 64 players get to 6 wins, we’ll invite the top 64 players in the standings.

On Sunday, our returning players will battle 5 additional rounds of Swiss before we cut to the top 8 and play playoffs to determine our 2019 champion. All of the action will be broadcast live on our twitch channel with commentary from our team of Gerry Thompson, Bryan Gotlieb, DeQuan Watson, and Brian Augustine.

Y’all want to know how the cash breaks down though right? Here is the payout:

1st: $1800
2nd: $1000
3rd/4th: $800
5th-8th: $600
9th-16th: $200
17th-32nd: $100

As always, we’ll have additional prizes to sweeten the pot, including a custom HBMO pen from Retro 51, a custom HBMO Playmat by Darkhound Studios, the massive Diesel watch, and HBMO 2019 dice. The top 8 will also have their names added to the trophy.

Bad beats in round 8 on Saturday in a win-and-in, and you want to play something competitive on Sunday? We have it covered. Sunday will feature a new tournament honoring our friends that have passed in the last year. It breaks our hearts to run this show without Zanman but we’ll take the time to remember both Jeff, and other Magic friends who have passed on to the next plane. The Tribute to Texas Magic Classic is a $5,000 cash Standard tournament. It starts bright and early alongside day 2 of the main event, and players will battle Swiss rounds plus a cut to top 8. The prize payout is:

1st: $800
2nd: $600
3rd/4th: $400
5th-8th: $300
9th-16th: $100
17th-32nd: $50

Looking for Standard or Legacy on Saturday, Modern on Sunday? We also have $3000 in additional cash to give out in a $1k on each day. On Saturday, the GAM Podcast has sponsored a Standard 1k, while Card Kingdom has sponsored a Legacy 1k. Those events begin at noon. On Sunday, Park Hill Portraits has sponsored a Modern 1k that starts at 11AM.

Prizes for each $1k are:

1st: $400
2nd: $200
3rd-4th: $100
5th-8th: $50

Wow. We made it through $18,000 in cash prizes worth of events, but we aren’t quite done. Many of you let us know that you don’t have the time or competitive Modern/Standard deck to jump into one of our more competitive fields. Don’t worry, we got you. This year we’re debuting a slate of scheduled side events to help anyone jump in and play some Magic.

Want to draft? $20 Ravnica Allegiance drafts.

Commander? $5 and we’ll set you up with 3 others with 100-card decks, and toss in some prizes.

Sealed? 10AM and 3PM both days. $40.

Constructed? We have events on the hour for various constructed formats. $20 each.

What are prizes though? For 2019, we’re taking a page out of what many other large events have done, and are introducing our own prize currency. In Hunter Burton style, we have specially commissioned poker chips to be awarded as prizes in our side events. One poker chip can be exchanged for a Ravnica Allegiance booster pack.

Fan of Two-Headed Giant? On Sunday we have a sealed event just for you, sponsored by Direct Damage Cast. The great folks over at that podcast will be playing in the event and have some extra prizes to hand out during it. It’s 1PM on Sunday, and will feature Ravnica Allegiance 2HG Sealed.

Finally, I have one special event to announce that you may have heard a bit about already. On Sunday afternoon, we’re hosting a Chaos Sealed event to honor our great friend Jeff Zandi. It’s going to be something special for everyone. Several stores such as Comic Asylum, Common Ground Games, Madness Games Denton, Madness Games Plano, and more in our local area have stepped up to and donated a bunch of packs from Magic’s history. There are some real gems in this lot. The event is $100 to enter, and gets you your 6 sealed packs, a playmat, deckbox, sleeves, and some other goodies as well. We want this to be the event that Zanman has always dreamed of running. For now, we’re capping at 16 entries based on the packs we have, but as donations continue, more slots may become available.

Here is the full schedule of events, including prizes for the events.


Just boosters and chips? That’s it? Nope. Those poker chips you’ll win all weekend, you can get more than just Ravnica Allegiance boosters for them. This year we’re debuting the HBMO Prize Wall, where you can exchange your prize chips for Ravnica Allegiance boosters, other Standard or not-so-Standard boosters, the 2019 t-shirt, sleeves, playmats, and a swath of other goodies we have assembled.

That’s it for now. I’m super excited for the event this year, and I hope everyone finds an event or three to play in, pick up some prize chips and awesome prize wall items, or finds their way into the money in the main event. If you’ve already decided your fate, you can preregister for all of our cash prize events, as well as the VIP cocktail party on Friday night right here. 

We’re looking forward to seeing you all at the 6th Annual Hunter Burton Memorial Open, March 15th – 17th, 2019!!

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