2022 HBMO Results & Decklists!

The 2022 HBMO charity gaming event concluded with a bang on Sunday night, setting new benchmarks and a lot of memorable moments. Nothing short of amazing, Gary Wong became the first person in 9 years to not only win the main MTG event twice, but to do it consecutively! If that wasn’t enough, he also became the new leader of top 8 appearances at the HBMO with his name engraved on the trophy three times!

The weekend was fantastic for the cause as we were able to successfully raise almost $25,000 for the foundation and award our first Community Impact Award to Jamison Sacks. Over 100 actual events were run on-site including the Modern $10k sponsored by Greg Burton, and the Modern $5k sponsored by Generation X Comics & Games.

A huge thank you to our sponsors for 2022 which included Ultra-Pro, Panini America, Generation X, Tales of Adventure, Common Ground Games, AKON, Darkhound Game Center, Top-Deck Keep, and so many more! Also, we would like to give a massive thank you to the more than 50 volunteers that made this event happen, including the amazing judge staff and the incredible security/booth staff. As a 100% Volunteer run organization, we couldn’t do this event or the new outreach program without each and every one of you!

Now, we’ll turn it over to one of our amazing commentators, David Palmer for a quick rundown of the $10k Modern event with almost 500 players and the top 8 with decklists!

The top 8 of 2022’s Hunter Burton Memorial Open showed the diversity of Modern’s first
weekend since the Lurrus of the Dream-Den ban. Eight different decks survived the thirteen rounds of
swiss across two days and emerged with a record of 10-2-1 or better.

The quarterfinals featured Kyle Horn (1) on UR Murktide defeating Zach Mckeown (8) on Grixis
Death Shadow; Robert Wagner (2) on GB Yawg defeating Nathanel Monsees (7) on 4C Yorion
Elementals; Damian Del Nero (6) on E-Tron defeating Arjune Bose (3) on UR Underworld Breach; Gary
Wong (5) on Amulet defeating Michael Smith (4) on BR Goblins.

The semifinals featured Damian Del Nero (6) on E-Tron defeating Robert Wagner (2) on GB Yawg
& Gary Wong (5) on Amulet defeating Kyle Horn (1) on UR Murktide.

That left Damian Del Nero as the only obstacle in Gary Wong’s path to back-to-back HBMO
Championships. The finals went the full three games, with the third game featuring Gary finding a way
to access all three of his Boseiju, Who Endures to keep Damian on the back foot and emerge victorious.

Final Swiss Standings: (Click on the Deck Name to see the full decklist)

1 Gary Wong (AMULET)
2 Damien Del Nero (TRON)
3 Robert Wagner (GB YAWG)
4 Kyle Horn (UR MURKTIDE)
5 Zach Mckeown (GRIXIS SHADOW)
6 Nathaniel Monsees (4C OMNATH)
7 Arjune Bose (UR BREACH)
8 Michael Smith (GOBLINS)

Watch the event unfold live on our HBMO Twitch Channel
Stream Coverage Archive: twitch.tv/hunterburtonmemorialopen

Final Swiss Standings: hbdecklists.com/standings

Complete Searchable Decklists: http://hbdecklists.com/deck/6

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