Update! Artists, more events, and vendors.

We’re a couple weeks into 2023 and we have some updates for everyone.


For the very first time, the Hunter Burton Memorial will feature Magic artists from the community. We’re excited to announce that these wonderful folks will be with us in March. Take a look at their portfolios online now, or check them out at the event.

rk post
Jeffrey Laubenstein
Ben Schnuck
Chris Seaman
Sarah Finnigan

More Events!

We have opened registration for these events on our Melee.gg registration site.

Saturday will feature a Legacy $2k, brought to you by Dave and Adam’s

Sunday will feature a Vintage $1k, as well as the Standard RCQ both sponsored by Card Monster Games

Each day will feature an 10:30 AM cEDH tournament, and an afternoon cEDH event for prize wall prizes, brought to you by GenerationX Comics and Games


We can also announce that the following vendors will be joining us for the event.

Card Monster Games
Laughing Dragon
Card Cache
Darkhound Studios
Area 51 Collectibles

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