Community Impact Award Nomination

The main goal of the Hunter Burton Memorial Foundation is to spread awareness about suicide and help build communities through gaming for suicide prevention. Our mission as a foundation is simple… Gaming to Prevent Suicide.

While our annual open event’s mission is to bring our large community together and recognize what kindness and inclusion can do, there are many unsung heroes across the nation building and fostering their own communities to help others. In order to recognize the significant impact these individuals make each day, we have created the HBM Community Impact Award. This award will recognize an individual(s) for their efforts in community building and spreading the message that kindness and inclusion can save lives.

The form below can be completed to nominate an individual who meets the criteria, but most importantly has made a significant positive impact on yourself or someone close to you. This may be a game store owner or employee who goes above and beyond to ensure their gaming groups are a safe and inclusive space. It could be a teacher or educator who creates an after school program to give kids or young adults a place they can meet like-minded people, and feel comfortable being themselves. It could even be someone who simply spends their free time helping or mentoring others so they have a safe place to turn.

Other qualities may include:
– Using their influence to spread kindness and inclusion in their community

– Going above and beyond to routinely help others in need 

– Has taken initiatives to create a community and spread awareness about suicide and prevention (even unrelated to gaming)

– Is recognized as an unofficial community leader who believes in and shows the power a safe community can have and positively impact the lives of others

If you would like to nominate someone that you feel embodies the qualities above, please fill out the below form so they can be considered for the HBM Community Impact Award. Information will be verified, and a selection will be made on March 10th with the winner announced at our annual event, Saturday March 18th. All submissions must be submitted no later than March 3rd, 2023.



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