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Our 20/20 Vision & A Long Overdue Thank You!

It has been several months since the 2019 Hunter Burton Memorial Open. It has taken our team a few months to get back on our feet and start the planning for our 2020 event… alas, that time is now!

Full Event Schedule Announcement

By Joe Klopchic Howdy folks! You might recognize my name from last year’s Hunter Burton Memorial Open. I had the privilege to Head Judge the event last year, and it was an amazing experience. This year I’ve worked with the HBMO team to come… Continue Reading “Full Event Schedule Announcement”

The Legend Lives On – Jeff Zandi

Foreword written by Erin Giddings… As hard as it is to say goodbye to our friend Jeff, it’s truly become apparent in this last week just how many lives Jeff Zandi has truly touched in his storied Magic the Gathering history. Zanman was honestly… Continue Reading “The Legend Lives On – Jeff Zandi”

The Loss Of A Legend… Jeff “Zanman” Zandi

It is with great sadness and the heaviest of hearts that we announce the passing of Jeff Zandi. A founder of the Hunter Burton Memorial Open, a pillar of the Magic the Gathering community, and one of the kindest human beings someone could ever meet.

2019 Pre-Registration Is Live

It’s finally here! The 2019 Hunter Burton Memorial Open is exactly one month away and we have everything you need for registration right here.

2019 Sponsor Spotlight Series: Alter Reality Games

Every year we highlight and honor our top sponsors and contributors with our Sponsor Spotlight Series. These articles give you a deeper look at the amazing people and companies that make the annual Hunter Burton Memorial Open happen!

Brian “Motumbo” Augustine Joins Our Commentary Team

We are so happy to announce our second member of the commentary team for the 2019 Hunter Burton Memorial Open. Returning for the second year, Brian “Motumbo” Augustine will join DeQuan Watson as our first official stream team. Brian brings a new side to… Continue Reading “Brian “Motumbo” Augustine Joins Our Commentary Team”

Legion Supplies & Ultra-Pro Make MAJOR Contributions!

     The rumors and rumblings you have heard over the past few weeks are very true! Thanks to some amazing people at both Legion Premium Supplies and Ultra-Pro Supplies every person who enters the Saturday Modern Main Event will receive a “Goodie Bag”… Continue Reading “Legion Supplies & Ultra-Pro Make MAJOR Contributions!”

What You Can Do To Help The HBMO

Almost daily I get asked by people from all walks of life what they can do to be involved with the Hunter Burton Memorial Open. To be honest, it’s one of the most humbling things to me as the Director of Operations. To be… Continue Reading “What You Can Do To Help The HBMO”

DeQuan Watson Announced As First Commentator For HBMO Live Stream!

We are proud to announce that gaming industry guru DeQuan Watson is the first member of our live stream commentary team! “Q” as he’s known by many is a staple in the gaming community and most importantly a well known name in the Magic… Continue Reading “DeQuan Watson Announced As First Commentator For HBMO Live Stream!”