T-Shirt & Playmat: Get Yours Today!

For the first time ever we are showing the full design of the 2018 Hunter Burton Memorial Open T-shirt, available now in our web store!

2018 T-shirt

Thanks to the T-shirt Guys in Grapevine, Texas for helping us produce our charity event shirts for the last 5 years!

Also available in our web store is the 2018 HBMO 5th Anniversary Playmat! This is the first time ever we have had a custom playmat available to purchase. This unique playmat has a center focus on an artist render of Hunter playing Magic the Gathering. On the left is art done by comic book artist and painter Vo Nguyen. To the right is the memorable image painted on Hunter’s father’s custom Harley Davidson motorcycle depicting Hunter’s favorite Magic card, Eternal Witness.

HB Playmat
HB Playmat

Thank you to Dark Hound Studios for this beautiful playmat and their contribution to the 2018 Hunter Burton memorial Open!

These two items can be acquired in one of two ways… First, each is available in our webstore for sale individually. Second, the VIP Registration package offers both of these items with additional perks including a custom Huntmaster token, 5 years of HBMO poker chips (1 from each year to date) and discounted entry into the main event of the 2018 HBMO!

You can purchase these items and/or your registration package here:

Hunter Burton Memorial Open


Remember, the event is on Sunday February 25th at the Hurst Conference Center in Hurst, Texas! Doors open at 8:00am to the public!

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