All of us on the HBMO staff are pleased to announced our sponsor spotlight series. Each week we will bring light to one or more of the incredible sponsors that helps make our event so successful. These companies have graciously donated money, products, time, and advertising to our event and to the cause of spreading awareness for suicide prevention.

Today we highlight Haus of Magic!

Haus of Magic

Haus of Magic is the creation of married Magic the Gathering couple Cassie and Erik Hauschildt. Literally speaking this couple is a “Magic the Gathering Couple” with Erik even having proposed during a game of Magic the Gathering!

The Haus of Magic YouTube channel was started in October of 2017 after Cassie and Erik found multiple people at Magic events mentioning how they wish their significant other would play games with them. The question quickly became “Why not?” Erik and Cassie now on a mission, want to share their philosophy that “Couples who Game Together Stay Together.”

With a strong focus on Magic the Gathering, the channel features a diverse variety of videos. From cracking packs, coverage of general Magic the Gathering news, and videos aimed at informing new players (and a few videos of random nerdiness thrown in) their channel has something for everyone. No matter what the theme or the audience of a video, Cassie and Erik always leave viewers laughing and strive to give everyone a passion to try Magic, at least once.

Since starting the channel, they have successfully introduced numerous couples to the game of Magic and have created quite a few new fans of the popular trading card game. Cassie’s personal goal is to be a role model and friend to young girls who are beginning their journey through the planes. Erik is an amazing supporter of this initiative, having started by teaching Cassie’s 8 year-old niece how to play.

Players of any level are encouraged to reach out to Cassie and Erik via twitter, email, or any other platform for sharing interest in Magic the Gathering, general friendship, or even just to talk.

The Hunter Burton Memorial Open is an important event for Cassie as the cause of suicide prevention and awareness hits close to home for her personally. The HBMO team is very thankful to have the Haus of Magic channel on board as a sponsor for the 2018 event and look forward to making a difference together!

You can check out their channel:


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