2020 HBMO Pre-Registration Is Live!

Important Announcement

Last week we officially launched our pre-registration and hotel discounts for the 2020 Hunter Burton Memorial Open on March 27th – 29th! We are so excited to have all of our events up and available for pre-registration to ensure all participants traveling in from out of town can secure spots in any major event, all weekend long!

In addition, discount hotel rooms are available for just $99 per night at the connected Hilton Hotel until March 11th, so don’t delay in booking yours to save money and be directly connected to all the events!

Spots for some events are extremely limited so DO NOT WAIT TO REGISTER!

Registration for all HBMO events here: CLICK HERE TO PRE-REGISTER

Discount Hotel Rooms at Connected Hilton here: CLICK HERE FOR DISCOUNT HOTEL

You can see all the events and sponsors listed on our 2020 Event Details page!

2020 Hunter Burton Memorial Open
March 27-29, 2020
Hurst Conference Center, Hurst TX

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