Events To Look For At The 2020 HBMO

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It’s no secret that the best gaming event in Texas is just around the corner, but other than the two big main events, do you truly know the scope of events at the Hunter Burton Memorial Open? Let’s take a look at some of the extras you may have missed:

This event kicks off the weekend and is different then anything you will see at ANY major gaming event in the world. Meet our VIP guests, the staff of the HBMO, rub elbows with sponsors and vendors, and all the while enjoying live music, live art, dinner and drinks! In 2019 this event sold out, so in 2020 you will not want to wait on registering for this event! Dinner and a drink are included with each ticket. ($50 first ticket, $25 per +1 ticket)

Sponsors from all over the country have donated items to be used in our silent auction. These items aren’t just gaming related, which means anyone can find something to bid on all to support a great cause. (Varies)

Not only is this a Chaos Sealed event, but it comes loaded with extras to remember one of our founders. Jeff Zandi! This event gets you six random packs spanning the history of Magic the Gathering followed by three rounds of an awesome sealed event just as Jeff would have loved. If that’s not enough, this event gets you a custom Jeff Zandi Angel playmat and a special secret Jeff Zandi item that won’t be announced until the event starts! ($100 entry, SPOTS EXTREMELY LIMITED)

BOARD GAME LIBRARY (Saturday, March 28 & Sunday, March 29)
Don’t play trading card games? NO PROBLEM! This year we will have a board game library set up to let you and your friends come enjoy a different side of gaming! Pay $5 to check out a board game and play until your heart is content! Spread the word, bring all your friends! Try new games or play your favorites! $5 gets you hours of fun. ($5 to checkout 1 game as a group)

ARGENT SAGA – BY ALTER REALITY GAMES (Saturday, March 28 & Sunday, March 29)
ARG brings their newest competitive Trading Card Game Argent Saga to the HBMO! Did someone say Championship?! Expect some awesome news coming soon about Argent Saga at the 2020 HBMO for a large scale event and side events!

Last year Commander was one of the most popular side events. For 2020 we have expanded this to have its own area with on demand pods as well as organized tournaments. Just a casual player? That’s fine too! We have commander for every type of player!

MAGIC THE GATHERING $1k TOURNAMENTS(Saturday, March 28 & Sunday, March 29)
Standard, Modern, Legacy, Pioneer & More will be represented as competitive $1,000 cash tournaments across both days of events. These are being sponsored by amazing companies who made generous contributions to ensure all formats get represented!
($30 entry)

VINTAGE $500 MTG CASH EVENT (Sunday, March 29th)
The biggest cards in Magic the Gathering come out to play for our Vintage cash tournament. If you needed a reason to break out the Mox or the Lotus, we’ve got you covered! ($20 entry)


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