The HBMO Comes to MTG Arena!

That’s right, starting next week we will have a mini-HBMO tournament on MTG Arena! This year it’s a first so we have started small with just 16 players. The event will be held over four weeks, ending just before the actual 2020 Hunter Burton Memorial Open.

Now to the details! The event will start on Thursday, March 5th at 7:00pm CST and continue each Thursday leading up to the 2020 Hunter Burton Memorial Open in Hurst, TX. The first round will be split between weeks one and two, followed by top 8 in week three, semi-finals and finals in week four, taking place on March 26th. The top two spots will receive paid entry into the actual 2020 HBMO!

A special thanks to Hal Brady, David Palmer, and Brian “Motumbo” Augustine for organizing this event! Expect commentary from them during the event as well as some surprise appearances from other special guests.

… and here are your competitors!

Steven Bruce

Conor Cole
Jose A Rios
Chad Bentley
Brian Tidwell
Richard Spicer
Hakeem Henson
Vince Ferraiuolo
Shannon West
Nate Milson
Harvey Holmes
Hunter Vaughan
Derrick Steele
Jason Tams
Glenn Nipp
Jacob Dunlap

You can watch all the action on the official HBMO Twitch channel! Don’t forget to follow and subscribe so you can see all of our future events including live streaming coverage of the 2020 HBMO from Hurst, TX on March 28th & 29th.

See our Twitch Channel HERE

The 2020 Hunter Burton Memorial Open is brought to you by these amazing partners and sponsors!

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