NSAM Stream-A-Thon: Saturday, September 5th

You can catch all the action on the HBM Twitch Channel:https://www.twitch.tv/hunterburtonmemorialopen

Join the HBM team as we recognize National Suicide Awareness Month and host an all day stream-a-thon to connect with our community! We have an amazing day planned for you thanks to some amazing volunteers and our friends at RetroDBZ.com.

“The purpose will simply be to talk about suicide and mental health while streaming different games through the day. We have been dealt a massive blow as a community in 2020 due to the pandemic and so much unrest in the country that it’s time we start reconnecting and checking in with our HBM family. What better time to do it than in recognition of National Suicide Awareness Month.”
– Erin Giddings, Director of Operations for HBM

To start the day, DeQuan Watson will begin streaming several hours with Zendikar previews, discussions about the cause and some casual but always fun games. Then, our entire HBM team will jump in for a live Zoom video call with our community to talk about the cause, discuss what 2020 would have been and most importantly, announce our 2021 date for the Hunter Burton Memorial Open event! From there, Brian “Motumbo” Augustine will take over and play some MTG and Fall Guys as well as answer questions from the chat and maybe have a guest or two call in. Then, we hand off the stream to our amazing friends at RetroDBZ.com as they begin their 6+ hour stream talking about the HBMO, the importance of suicide awareness in the gaming community, and a retrospective look at the Dragon Ball Z Trading Card Game, now more than 20 years old!

We know you may not be able to spend a whole day streaming on Twitch, so here’s a schedule so you have an idea of when the best time to tune in may be:

11:00am CST – DeQuan “PowrDragn” Watson (live)
MTG Zendikar Preview Discussion, Importance of Kindness and Cause in gaming, and some fun casual games as the chat interacts.

1:30pm CST – Live Interview With The HBMO Team (live)
Erin Giddings, Joe Klopchic, Garrett Wilkinson, Brian “Motumbo” Augustine, and DeQuan Watson talk about the HBMO, why the cause is important, share some stories of years past, followed by Joe and Erin announcing the 2021 HBMO event dates!

2:30pm CST – Brian “Motumbo” Augustine Takes Over! (live)
Brian will be playing games of MTG Arena and Fall Guys live on stream while talking about the cause, why it’s important to him, and taking questions from the audience.

• 5:00pm CST – HBMO Discussion with Erin Giddings, HBM Director of Operations (live)

• 5:30pm CST – FanZ Preview and First Discussion with Joey Dicarlo (live)

6:00pm CST – Interview with Aik, the technical first ever DBZ TCG World Champion (prerecorded)

• 7:00pm CST – Interview with David “Chippy” Eckhard, One of the original DBZ CCG Designers (live)

• 8:00pm CST – Interview: Erin Giddings and Deanna Cass, The marketing minds at Score Ent. (prerecorded)

• 8:30pm CST – FanZ Preview and Second Discussion with Joey Dicarlo (live)

• 9:00pm CST – Gencon 2012 Rise and Fall of Score Entertainment panel replay

• 10:15pm CST – Interview with Richie Williams (prerecorded)

• 11:00pm CST – Late Night RetroDBZ Zoom after party hosted by Josh and Garrett

You can catch all the action on the HBM Twitch Channel:https://www.twitch.tv/hunterburtonmemorialopen

Want an HBM T-shirt?? We have our new “Vintage Est. 2014” Fundraiser shirt available for a limited time! Order yours here: https://www.customink.com/fundraising/hunterburtonmemorial

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