2021 HBMO Date Information

You may have heard the exciting news on social media, but just in case you haven’t…

THE 2021 Hunter Burton Memorial Open WILL HAPPEN AUGUST 14th/15th!

That’s right, the news is true! Locked in and set to go, the 2021 HBMO is happening! No more date changes and no more waiting, the event is happening this August at the Hurst Conference Center, in Hurst Texas. Thank you to everyone who has stuck with us over the last year as we dealt with all the ups and downs 2020 had to offer.

Now that you know the date, let’s talk about the what and the why. First, the reasons we moved the date out of 2020 were fairly obvious and have been talked about in previous articles. The reason why we chose to move the 2021 date back is less so. Here is a statement from Erin Giddings, HBM Director of Operations giving a little more insight:

“It can’t be said enough how much we value our community and as such their safety. After all is said and done, we are an organization based on the foundation of saving lives not risking them. With that said, so many aspects went into our decision to move the date out of June and into August. That started with convention center availability and migrated to where are we in terms of the ever-changing pandemic. After consideration of those aspects and then considering WOTC event policy, we made the decision to move the event back just a little farther into the year. Seeing new developments and improvements in the pandemic as vaccinations expand, we are now confident we made the right decision to make our event as safe as possible. Now we get to begin rebuilding our foundation and getting back to what is important… addressing the ever growing mental health crisis and growing rates of suicide.” – Erin Giddings

We know you have questions, so here we go in answering everything we can!

Saturday, August 14th – $10,000 Main Event (Modern Format) by Ultra Pro
*This event will be capped at 400 players.

Sunday, August 15th – $2500 Co-Main Event (Modern Format) by Generation X Comics & Games
*This event will be capped at 226 players

Sunday, August 15th – $500 Vintage Cash Event (Vintage Format)
Sunday, August 15th – Jeff Zandi Chaos Sealed (Chaos Sealed)

Saturday & Sunday
Commander Pods (On Demand)

Other Events TBD:
– Ian Jasheway Memorial Tournament
– Legacy Event
– Booster Draft Side Events
– Other Side Events will be announced
– VIP Cocktail Party

The 2021 event registration is now live! You can register HERE
or by visiting the site: https://hbm.ticketspice.com/2021-hbmo

If you registered in 2020 (and did not request a refund) you are already registered and do not need to take any action. The same goes for special events such as the Jeff Zandi Chaos Sealed. If you signed up and paid, you are locked in and at that original amount!

T-shirts will for the first time be available ahead of the event and arrive in time for you to wear that weekend! That’s right, stay tuned for our direct order fundraiser on Custom Ink to get yours!

Dice (Custom HBMO) will be available. Yes… 2021 dice are made! More importantly, a VERY limited amount of 2020 dice will be made available through limited ways at the event!

Retro 51 Pens – These are still part of the VIP Package and a very limited amount will be obtainable at the event and after.

Vendors – Currently we have at least 3 major vendors attending! They will all be buying and selling!

Prize Wall – This will be back and better than ever!

Transformers / Argent Saga – Unfortunately the Pandemic forced these games to cease.

Poke’mon TCG – This will return at our March 2022 event!

Board Game Library – This will return in March 2022


As of now things are still fluid. We currently are asking all participants to wear masks while indoors at the event (however that may change with recent information.) Also, cap is in place to properly size and space for safety. As things change we may open up more cap space, however you should register as soon as possible to ensure your spot (in case that does not happen.) We will stay fluid and always put our attendees safety first as we move closer to the event.

We will be announcing a lot of additional information as the event moves closer. Make sure you are subscribed to our blog to stay up to date on all the latest developments!

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