As things have become more clear for space availability, we are finally able to announce the full array of side events for the 2021 HBMO! (See below for image with full event schedule for Saturday/Sunday.)

We’re excited to announce the return of the Legacy $1k (Sponsored by Common Ground Games in Dallas) at this year’s HBMO. The Legacy event will be Saturday starting at noon. Pre-registration is already open at https://hbm.ticketspice.com/2021-hbmo

We have scheduled events each day for the major formats, but if you’re looking to play Standard, Pioneer, Vintage or any other format, head over to our on demand events area, where we will try to pair you with a challenger in a 1v1 match for some prize chips. We will also have a central area for commander players, who are free to grab an open table and sling 100-card decks, or jump in the commander queue to play an organized match for some prize chips.

If you’re looking to draft, we will have on-demand drafts available all weekend, and four scheduled “Draft For Dice” events, where the winner receives a 2020 HBMO die. We have a very limited number of dice, so each of these four events will be limited to 8 players. Expect these to fill up fast!

The HBMO Prize chips will all be redeemable at the Prize Wall for an assortment of goodies, notably Adventures in the Forgotten Realms boosters for 2 chips each, Modern Horizons Packs, and a vast variety of older boosters for various prices.

Still debating on the main event or not? Do not delay… there are a limited number of spots remaining and while cap space has gradually increased, we do expect to cap preregistration. Can’t make Saturday but still want to play Modern in a big event? Come out Sunday for the Modern $5k (Sponsored by Generation X Comics & Games in Bedford.) There are just a few VIP spots left and having just seen the playmat, we promise you won’t want to miss out on an amazing deal to get all the sick VIP swag!

2021 HBMOhbm.ticketspice.com

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