HBMO 2022 – March 11th – 13th & CIP Details

2022 HBMO Dates

As you may already know, the 2022 HBMO is already scheduled and in the works! For the first time ever, we were able to lock in our next year’s event and make the official announcement to everyone in attendance! That being said, September is officially Suicide Awareness Month and we want to honor that by making our 2022 date announcement official AND by giving you the first official details of the new HBMO Community Impact Program.

First, let’s start by confirming that the 2022 Hunter Burton Memorial Open will happen March 11th – 13th at the Hurst Conference Center in Hurst, TX! That’s right, exactly six months away! All your favorite events will return with the Modern $10k on Saturday and the special $5k on Sunday! As is the new tradition, Friday night will be the Texas-Sized Welcome Party (Cocktail Party) for sponsors, vendors, staff and VIP guests to mingle over dinner and drinks with live music!

Our event in 2021 was the most successful event to date (and that speaks volumes given the pandemic!) For 2022 we will be adding additional side events, more vendors, new games, and onsite counselors all while keeping the same amazing gaming environment you have come to love.

The HBM Community Impact Program

We are so excited after almost three years in the works to finally be able to launch the Community Impact Program (CIP). This program has been a priority for the foundation and now we are able to share its beginning with our community and the HBMO family!

The Community Impact Program is our way of reaching gaming communities everywhere. To spread awareness about suicide and how someone can find help if they are struggling, or potentially help others if they see signs they may be struggling. It brings stores, the focal point of most gaming communities, to the front line of defense against suicide by giving them tools and information to help their community each and every day. This program creates leaders within the community that care about others and go above and beyond to show kindness, inclusion, and create the lasting bonds that gaming communities are so well known for. Lastly, but certainly not least, it recognizes and shines light on the hidden struggle that many gamers face and brings a community together to combat them so no one person feels alone.

“The Community Impact Initiative is something Joe and I are extremely passionate about. Since he and I took over this organization several years ago, it has been our mission to get it in the hands of game stores and communities everywhere. Both of us know how powerful a gaming community can be to give someone a sense of belonging or a safe place to be who they are. We want to help grow and educate these communities on how they can better help their members and potentially save someone’s life that is or has been silently struggling.” – Erin Giddings, HBMO Director of Operations

Starting in late October, stores or community leaders will be able to order two types of kits for their store or community center. The first is a standard special event kit with contents that allow a store to host an event especially for suicide awareness. It will have a few prize items such as a custom playmat as well as information and resources for/about suicide.

The second type of kit will be for stores to order that are specifically for display and education purposes. These will include a poster and handouts with resources for those struggling to be displayed in store. It will include brochures as well that players can take to learn more about suicide, how to spot potential signs, and resources that may assist them to help themselves or other members of their communities. The last thing it will do is contain a link for a new community leader to be nominated for our Initiative Program Recognition Award. One IPRA recipient will be flown to the following HBMO (each year) to meet the staff, give a speech during the opening ceremony, and receive the iconic HBMO Watch given out each year. They will be the guest of the HBMO as a thank you for having a positive impact in their community and embodying the values the HBMO stands for in helping others.

As a foundation we are beyond excited for 2022, where we hope to be back to full capacity and with all of our normal festivities! Look for all the fun details to begin releasing soon, with pre-registration going up towards the end of the year (December, 2021.)

Thank you for being part of the HBMO family and we can’t wait to see you all at the 2022 HBMO or at an HBMO in store event soon!

4 Comments on “HBMO 2022 – March 11th – 13th & CIP Details

  1. This email is being sent, in reference to finding out Information of how I can pre-register for the 2022 HBM event. I played one other time in this event years ago and I think it’s a awesome event and for a great cause. Any information would be great. Thanks for your time in this matter, it is greatly appreciated.


    • Hi Vahakn,
      Thanks for reaching out! If you are referring to the Opening Ceremony on the evening of the 11th, you have two ways to attend. The first is simply by purchasing a ticket through the registration link we’ll provide below. The other option is to purchase a VIP Event package that comes with a single ticket for the Opening Ceremony Cocktail Party.


      You can also register and find additional information on the 2022 Event Details page, here on the website.


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