Dustin Hunter Burton was born in Fort Worth but grew up on a farm with plenty of space to move around in rural Joshua, Texas. This is where Hunter and his sister Casey grew up and spent most of their school years. Hunter was almost two years older than his sister. He was always very protective of her while also picking on her in that way that big brothers often do. Very young Hunter would steal Casey’s bottle of milk and then tell his parents that the deer statue in the front yard had taken it. He wouldn’t let Casey sit in the front seat of the car EVER and when they were a little older and in school together Hunter protected her from bullies but also kept would-be boyfriends away as well.

Hunter played football in middle school and tried other sports before finding his first real competitive love, golf. Hunter earned his letterman’s jacket in his freshman year at Joshua High School as a member of the varsity golf team. Hunter started playing Magic: the Gathering while in high school and his mom drove him to the Comic Boxx in Cleburne in order to play. It wasn’t long before Hunter was competing in tournaments, first in stores like Shotokan in the mid-cities, Area 51 in Grapevine and pretty soon at Pro Tour Qualifiers and Grand Prix events all over the state and beyond.

Hunter’s success in tournament play came quickly. His first professional event was Pro Tour Charleston in June, 2006. He played in his second Pro Tour event in Kobe, Japan a few months later. Along the way, Hunter was starting to finish high enough in Grand Prix events to win money. It started with a hundred bucks at Grand Prix Dallas in February, 2007. A few months later it was $400 at Grand Prix San Francisco. Then he played in another Pro Tour event, this time in Geneva, Switzerland. His first professional level success came in August, 2008, when he finished in the top eight of Grand Prix Denver and earned $1500. He had a finish almost that high at Grand Prix Seattle in May, 2009. Then came Hunter’s greatest day in the sun. Hunter finished fourth at Pro Tour Austin, winning $13,000. He followed that success with two more Pro Tour appearances in 2010 including San Diego and Amsterdam. The Amsterdam trip resulted in a 34th place finish and another thousand-dollar payday.

Distractions outside of the game soon took Hunter away from competitive Magic. Personal events started weighing on the young man and, while dealing with depression, Hunter Burton took his own life in July, 2013.